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Year-Round Progrograms

Find out what's happening all year at Mt. Cross!

Summer 2021

Visit our Summer Camp page for information about "All Family Camp, All The Time".

Fall and Winter 2021

We're working on dates now. Typical events include: clergy and men's retreats, a crafting/personal retreat, and possibly a Lenten one, too!

Work Days - Can You Help Us Out?

There are a lot of projects that need to be done around the camp before we'll be ready for "All Family Camp, All The Time" this summer: fence railings that need to be repaired/replaced and painted, cabins that need to be opened up, electrical work that needs to be done on wires that were brought down during the wind storm we had this winter, a new step added all around the stage at the Outdoor Chapel, wood that needs to be chipped and/or split, trails that need TLC, defensible space created around the cabins, arts and crafts supplies to be gone through and organized, etc. Can you help us out with these projects?

If you're able to help, let Adam Erickson know and when you're available. You can come out for a few hours, a day, a weekend, or even longer - any and all help is greatly appreciated! Housing will be provided, and COVID protocols will be maintained (masking, social distancing), especially if there are folks from multiple households at camp at the same time.

Additionally, if anyone is a Thrivent Member and can apply for Thrivent Action Teams to help offset the costs of food, gas for weed eaters and chainsaws, and other supplies, that would be wonderful. You can contact Adam with questions, or help securing your Action Team.

To sign up, please send Adam an email ( or call 831.336.5170

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