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Wish List

Mt.Cross is always looking for donations, especially in the Spring as our programs are gearing up for Summer. We encourage you to contact us if you have any possible donations to make sure we still need the items, and to work out details for the donation. We are happy to provide receipts for tax purposes, and hope to make your donation process as easy as possible.


If you would like to purchase any of the following items, please send them to:

7795 HWY 9, Ben Lomond, CA, 95005


Program Supplies​

  1. Old dress up clothes: used for camp games and skits

  2. Kids scissors

  3. Adult scissors

  4. Masking tape

  5. Friendship Bracelet thread

  6. New or gently used sports equipment: baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, Frisbee


Office Supplies

  1. Easels, post-it paper, and permanent markers

  2. New or gently used office chairs

  3. New or gently used office phones

  4. 10 person conference table

  5. AA and AAA batteries

  6. New waiting room furniture



  1. Sound Speakers - Need 1 pair: for Upper Jensen Hall to hook up to computers, DVD players, MP3's, etc.

  2. *Used or new bathroom cabinets*

  3. Remodeling materials


  1. Sawzall: Milwaukee V28 Sawzall ($370)

  2. Electricity Multi-meter: Ideal 61-360 ($60)

  3. Sander: Bosch 1295DVSK 5” palm (VS, H+L) ($85)

  4. Belt Sander: Makita 9920 3” x 24”  ($180) OR Bosch 1274 DVS 3” x 21” belt sander ($185)

  5. 3 Tool Boxes: 24” tool boxes (Stanley 2000) ($28 each)

  6. Utility Knives: Stanley 10-788 ($9 each - need 3) AND 100 pk Stanley 11-921A utility knife blades ($12)

  7. Staple Gun: Arrow T50 staple gun ($17)

  8. Staple Gun: Arrow T25 wire/cable staple gun ($30) AND various T50 and T25 staples ($3.50 /pk)

  9. Saw Blades: Irwin Marathon 7¼” circular saw blades ($9.77 each - need 3)

  10. Miter Saw (Chop Saw)

  11. *Plumbers snake (able to snake 3"-4" pipe)*

  12. Small Farm Tractor - push, scoop/back ho

  13. Makita - hand held excavator

  14. Millwalkee cordless drill (M18 style tools)

  15. Riding Lawn Mower

  16. Weed Killer



Do you have an Amazon account? GREAT! You can make purchases straight from out "Wish List" and have them sent directly to our door! 

Special Items
Make your shopping count with 


When you shop on Amazon using AmazonSmile, 0.5% of your purchase will be donated back to Mt. Cross. It really couldn't be easier:

  1. Go to or click on the link below.

  2. Choose your Charity: Lutheran Outdoor Ministries of Northern California

  3. Shop!


Frequently Asked Questions:
I have Amazon Prime--can I still participate?

YES! Shopping through AmazonSmile will not affect any of the benefits of Amazon Prime. You can still log-in the same way, save your log-in information for future shopping, and get all your perks! In fact, once you sign in for the first time, LOM of Northern California will be saved as your charity and you will not have to go through this process again.



I shop with an Amazon Credit card--will this be deducted from my rewards?

NO! Amazon will give 0.5% to Mt. Cross on top of the rewards that are sent back to you. 


There is nothing to lose, so make sure you set up AmazonSmile on your account today. You can do it now, even if you aren't shopping today! And the best part is, Amazon will save your chosen charity, so every time you shop you will see a banner at the top of your screen reminding you that you are supporting Lutheran Outdoor Ministries with your purchases. 


Thank you for your support of Mt. Cross Ministries!!

Amazon Smile
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