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hiking the trails!

With 8 trails over nearly 100 acres of redwood forest in the Santa Cruz mountains, it's not possible NOT to go hiking! 

Many of you aren't from California, so we're here to help you learn about our amazing state, the redwoods, and Mt. Cross!

And for those of you who live here... there's probably something you don't know yet!

There are three "quick facts" documents below - all are only one page.

The first four people to answer all three questions below correctly will get one point. Email your answers to Sarah. 

1) What happened (in what is now California) in 1848? (Hint: two things)

2) Why are redwoods called the "ever-living" tree? (give at least two reasons)

3) Which number is higher? The number of feet that make up the elevation difference at camp, or the number of miles the average summer staffer has to travel to get here?

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