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Welcome To The Trading Post!

What do you want from the Trading Post?

How This Works:

Complete the activities this spring and gain points. Then when you arrive at Mt. Cross you'll be able to swap your points for stuff from our Trading Post!

But first - remember that just for being on staff, you'll get two T-Shirts (that you'll be required to wear sometimes), a drawstring bag, pen, sticker, button, and bracelet. So as you think about what you want to work towards, know that you're already starting ahead!

Second, know that we're still in the process of designing and ordering our summer swag. So we can't answer every question about things yet. But when we have more information, we'll post it!

Finally, even if you don't get any points, you'll still be able to get more from the Trading Post. Just for being on staff, you'll have a 20% discount here all summer!

Guides & hints!

If you participate fully, but don't get any of the

extra points for being one of the first people

to respond or something,                                                   you'll end up with 34 points.

If you're super on top of things and are always

one of the first to submit                                                    you can get 44 points.

The easiest way to boost those numbers and get a ton of extra points?

Recruit someone who joins our staff! Each time that happens...    

                                                                                             you'll get another 10 points.                                                                                          (on top of what's listed above)! 


The top three point earners at the end will receive extra points!

#1 receives 5 more; #2 receives 3 more; #3 receives 2 more.

Available Items:            Points Needed:

Sticker                                  1

Button                                   1

Bracelet                                2

Postcard                               2

Snacks                                  2

Sunglasses                           7

Drawstring Bag                    10

Stuff-Animal Banana Slug  10

Water Bottle                          16

Ceramic Mug                         20

Beanie                                    30

T-Shirt                                    30

Long-Sleeve Shirt                 40

Hoodie                                    40

Pants                                      40


*We also have old mugs and water bottles on clearance - those would be 10 points each.                          

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