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How to use this map - and other important things

For everyone

No matter who you are, you MUST

  • Tell me your T-Shirt size by May 1

  • Give me your travel plans by May 15

  • Complete all online training videos by the time you arrive at camp

    • See the parking lot and Redwood Cabins on the map for these items

No matter who you are, just for being on summer staff, you'll receive

  • Pay, housing, and most meals

  • 20% discount throughout the summer at our Trading Post

  • 2 Mt. Cross T-Shirts, a drawstring bag, pen, sticker, button, and bracelet​​

for everyone who likes to be rewarded for your work

We're turning summer prep into a game and a tour of camp...

                                       where you can gain points to swap for items in our Trading Post!


  • Click on the heart icons on the map. They'll lead you to another page. Follow the directions!

  • Truly, that's all there is to it.

  • We'll keep track of your points and they'll be here waiting for you when you arrive at camp so you can use them in the Trading Post!

other general info you should know

If you get "lost":

  • Go to the office! Just like real life, the office has information on what you can find where, quickly and easily. Just click on the heart icon there and it'll give you the info you need.

To gain the most points:

1) Work Quickly!

Many times, there's a way to earn the standard points, but then the first four to complete the task will get extra points. So while you're welcome to do the activities at any time you like, if you're interested in getting the most you can get, get started! 

2) Recruit someone who ends up joining our summer staff this year.

If we bring someone on staff, you'll get an extra 10 points.

The last day to gain points is May 22.

The info will remain available if you need it. But the idea is that we wrap this up a week before (most of) you come out. Besides, by that point, you'll be tired of this and want to actually BE here! So spend the final week focusing on things like packing and saying good-bye to people, and get excited to arrive at Mt. Cross!

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