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Redwood Cabins

Identical to the Evergreen cabins, just up the hill, Redwood sleeps another 52 people!

And, they hold your online training videos! Yay!

Ok. Not super exciting. But doing these will ensure we can spend more time on fun things while you're here. :)


All Staff Must:

1) Login to the videos. Go to  and click "login". You will then enter the email address I've been sending you information to, and then enter in the password, which is 2019Staff.

2) You will be taken to your account. 12 videos will be available. Watch the videos and take the quizzes associated with them. These should take you under 4 hours total to complete.

All videos and quizzes are required for all staff, even if you feel you already know the subject matter.


While all staff must watch the videos and earn a passing grade on the quizzes before arriving at camp, there are ways to earn points! 

  • For each of the videos/quizzes you complete before May 15, you earn +1 points.

  • The first four to complete all the videos gets an extra 5 points; to receive this, email Sarah saying you've finished and she'll double-check it.

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