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(Very) Early Bird:

        Register before December 1 and receive $50 off the price of camp.

        Register before March 1 and receive $35 off the price of camp.

        *This does not apply to AoC or adult leader prices - see below for Church Week and Family Camp


        Church Week: the price is already $100 off normal camp! But if you register your group before March 1, take            an additional $15 off each camper.

        Family Camp: the same discount amounts/dates apply, but for your total family registration, not per person.

Brand-New Camper:

        Never been to camp at Mt. Cross before?

        Request this discount at registration and, upon verification, receive $25 off the price of camp.

        *This does not apply to group camps (Church Week, AoC, and Confirmation)

Bring a New Friend:

        If you're a returning camper, but are bringing a friend who's never been to camp at Mt. Cross before,

        request this discount at registration and, upon verification, receive $25 off the price of camp.

        *This does not apply to Staff-in-Training or group camps (Church Week, AoC, and Confirmation)


        Have more than one child in your immediate family coming to camp this summer?

        Apply this at the time of check-out and receive $20 off/camper after the first camper in your family.

        *This does not apply to family camp or Church Week.

Church Worker: 

        Employed by a congregation, the ELCA, or the LC-MS?

        You're eligible to receive $100 off the price of camp for dependents in your immediate family (i.e., the total              cost to send your children is minus $100, not $100/child)

        Request this discount at registration and receive it upon verification.

Group Discounts:

       Mt. Cross offers two different discounts to groups:

                1) If you've never sent a group to Mt. Cross before, receive $100 off your total bill

                2) If you pay your entire registration fee in one, lump sum, receive $15 off/person in your group           

       Group registrations begin by calling into the camp office; please mention these at that time. 831.336.5179

Complimentary Summer Theme T-Shirt: 

        Register before May 1, 2020 and receive a complimentary summer theme T-Shirt!

        For most camps, this means paying the deposit and filling out the forms (including T-Shirt size) before                      May 1. If you don't complete the registration forms, fail to pay the deposit, or don't give us a T-Shirt size, this            does not apply.

        For group camps (Church Week, AoC, and Confirmation) that require church registration before individual                registration, individual registration must be completed before May 1. If a church pays the deposit in February          but individual campers do not complete registration until after May 1, those campers will not receive a shirt.


Payment Policies:


       All camps require an initial, non-refundable deposit of $100 at the time of registration.

       On May 1, 2020 50% of the remaining balance for your camp will be due. On June 1, 2020 the final balance               will be due.


       If you register on or after May 1, 2020, all prices for the summer of 2020 go up $65 from the listed price.


       Mt. Cross offers a variety of payment options, including credit card, check, pay-in-full, and installments.

       Regardless of how an individual chooses to pay, the amount due at time of registration is dependent upon the         date of registration. If before May 1, only the deposit is required. May 1-31, an additional 50% of the camp               cost is required, and June 1 or later payment must be made in full at time of registration.



      If you cancel your summer registration before May 1, 2020, you will receive a full refund, minus the deposit.

       If you cancel your summer registration before June 1, 2020, you will receive a 50% refund, minus the deposit.

            (e.g., $435 - $100 non-refundable deposit = $335   $335/2 = $168 Therefore, if you have paid in full, you

            will receive $168 back. If you have not yet paid in full, you will receive the amount you've paid beyond the

            non-refundable deposit up to, in this example, $168, or up to 50% of the cost of the camp minus the 


       If you cancel June 1, 2020 or later, you will be held responsible for the full cost of camp and will not receive                a refund. 

       If your child becomes sick just as camp is starting or goes home sick, we'll be happy to reschedule them into         another camp this same summer, providing available space and appropriately-aged programming.


       If your child chooses to go home on their own decision, they are pulled for previously-planned commitments,         or are sent home for disciplinary reasons, no refund or prorated price will be given.


     For questions or more information about the above offers and policies, please contact our registrar.      831.336.5179

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