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Thank You!

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU to each of you for your prayers, emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages while we were evacuated from the camp due to the #CZULightingComplex Fire! Your messages of support and concern, both for the staff and the ministry of Mt. Cross, meant the world to us! We were allowed to return back to the property on the evening of September 3, two weeks after the evacuation order was given. While we were confident that the fire had not reached our property, based on all available satellite imagery, it was truly a relief to drive into the parking lot and see for ourselves that the buildings were, in fact, standing, along with all the trees in our forest. There is a layer of ash that covers all horizontal surfaces, along with a slew of charred leaves scattered throughout the property, as well as the smell of a giant campfire when you step outside, but those are the only signs that there was a fire anywhere near us, and for that, we give God thanks. Moving forward, we will continue to work to clean the ash (before the rains come and it becomes caustic), as well as find ways in which we can be of service to our local community. Almost 1,500 commercial and residential structures were destroyed by the fire, and nearly 150 damaged, so the need is great here. As we identify possible ways to assist folks here in the San Lorenzo Valley, we will keep you informed of what we hope to do and ways in which you can help us in this endeavor. Please keep the victims of the fire, as well as the firefighters, utility workers, and law enforcement officers in your prayers. Thank you again for all the ways in which you support this ministry. You are truly a blessing!

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