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Summer 2021 - We Need Your Thoughts

As we make plans for Summer 2021, we need your input. It seems as though the likelihood of a COVID-19 vaccine being widely available before it is time for summer camp is slim*, and that would mean many restrictions would still be in place. This could include adhering to wearing face coverings, maintaining social distance whenever possible, and not eating meals inside.

The most significant restriction we anticipate, though, is with regard to how we interact with one another while at camp. Camp is a communal experience. Each day we spend time with our "village" (a co-ed group of same-age campers), with our cabin group (those with whom we are living during camp), and as a whole-camp community. COVID precautions require that we minimize communal experiences. We expect that we will be required to eliminate those aspects of camp in which campers and staff interact with each other outside their cabin groups.

This "pod" grouping of campers would mean group sizes would be limited to 6-10 campers (depending on age) along with 1 or 2 staff members. Each pod would have their assigned cabin and bathroom space (like a normal cabin group), but would have severely limited opportunities for interaction with campers/staff from the other pods. This would mean eating meals apart from other pods, eliminating all-camp games, and having pod-specific campfires/worship opportunities throughout the week.

The big question we have for you, as parents/guardians of campers, is this: Would you be willing to send your child(ren) to camp for a week next summer if there is not yet a vaccine available? To share your thoughts, please take a brief survey telling us your thoughts on this question, as well as a few others. These responses will help inform how we move forward with planning for Summer 2021.

Thank you for your help!

*CDC Director Testimony to Senate Panel, 9/16/2020, https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/09/16/913560563/cdc-director-says-covid-vaccine-likely-wont-be-widely-available-until-next-year

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