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worship @ the outdoor chapel/Cove

How many seats do you think are in The Cove?

We didn't know, so we sent Erika and Joshua up to figure it out! They didn't film one section of seats, though, so slowing it down won't help you!

Be the person closest to the correct answer by midnight May 1, and you get a point for the Trading Post -

to guess, either email Sarah or post your guess in the Facebook group.

Worship is the heart of what we do as Christians.

We're told that, if we fail to do it, the rocks and trees will cry out to worship God.

We're told that, if we don't have words, the Spirit will intercede for us with sighs too deep for words.

So, we start every morning with worship (Alpha) and end every evening with campfire and devotions (Omega). God literally is the beginning and the ending of our days here.

But we don't have to wait until summer to spend time with God!

Below are the texts that we'll be working with all summer and some "perspectives" on them.

Think of it as your spiritual prep for the summer.


Plus, taking time to let these texts soak in before you arrive will make you so much better able to wrestle with campers' in their questions!

So here's what to do:

Click on the button for each day and do the devotion. Each one will use either our theme verse for the summer or one of the daily scripture readings, and will have you thinking about your own journey with God's grace. They're not the actual Bible studies we'll be doing this summer; they're devotions for YOU. But they'll familiarize you with the scripture we're using this summer!

Hint: Go in order from top-to-bottom. It starts with the overview (which is what you'll do with campers on Sunday), and then they go in order of the texts you'll do during the week.

To get points: the instructions each time will give you an activity to do. Do it and receive +1 points! There are a total of 5 devotions, which means the opportunity to gain up to 5 points.

Pictured here is our outdoor chapel, where we have Alpha.  It's high-energy and gets us excited for the day!

The video is from The Cove, where we have campfire every night. There's definitely silliness, but we also prepare ourselves for the night. Devotions/prayer (Omega) then happen in the cabins right before sleep.


Our theme & verse

for the summer!

Lord, by your wisdom you made so many things;

the whole earth is covered with your living creatures!

- Psalm 104:24

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