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Join us in building a future from these roots. With your investment, we can provide safe space for personal growth and exploration, develop spiritual formation for people of all ages, and be a place where anyone can have profound experiences in God's creation.

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From the abundance in your life to the needs of others served by this ministry, your contribution of any size will build a place for others to experience God's abundance.


Whether given as a one-time gift or over the period of three years, your gift above your regular tithes and offerings are an act of worship that benefits God's work in northern California.

Appreciated long-term stocks, mutual funds, or other investments are a tax-beneficial way to make a significant contribution to camp now or in the years to come.


Rental income, sales, or planned gifts of property in wills, trusts, and annuities can also be a creative way for you to make a gift.


It can also be a way for your changing church to leave a legacy.

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