Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

The following information will be emailed to all campers one month prior to arrival, along with an invoice detailing payments and balance:

The following information will be emailed to all campers one month prior to arrival, along with an invoice detailing payments and balance:

Summer Camp Drop-Off and Pick-Up:

Camper drop-off is at 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

On Friday, pick-up is at noon.  Families are welcome to join us for

a closing program and BBQ beginning at 11am.

Year-Round Programs

Each event is different, so check the year-round programs page for specific information, and we'll also email out any instructions you need.

For a general packing list, click here.

For weekend programs,

we typically ask for you to arrive between 6-7PM on Friday

and we'll finish mid-morning on Sunday.

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Additional Summer FAQs


  1. What activities can my camper expect to experience at Mt. Cross?

    While at Mt. Cross your camper will experience a variety of fun and exciting age-appropriate activities.  Please check out this pdf for more details.

  2. What should my camper pack for their time at Mt. Cross?

    Here in the beautiful coastal redwoods the temperature and climate can be quite variable--pack for both warm and cool weather as we often have cool mornings and evenings. Click here for a complete packing list.

  3. How can I be sure my camper is receiving quality programming that is safe?

    All staff are CPR/First Aid certified and go through a minimum 2 week training process to learn how to safely lead all specialized activities such as Archery and the challenge course.  We train staff on how to facilitate conflict resolution and use positive discipline to redirect campers towards acceptable behavior.  All staff are screened through the National Sex Offender website and have a Criminal Background Check before they are offered a position. Staff members are fully trained on Mt. Cross Emergency Procedures are given basic training for Child Protective Services mandatory reporting procedures.
  4. If my camper is injured during the week, how will I be notified?

    Parents or legal guardians will be notified by phone of any incident or accident that exceeds basic first aid care, as outlined in our health manual.

  5. If there is an emergency at home, how can I get in contact with my camper?

    Please contact the emergency line at (831) 704-6821.

  6. Will I be able to provide feedback at the end of my camper's experience?

    At the end of each week we will send an email to the account that registered the camper which will have a link to the evaluation form. Please make sure you fill it out! If you don't receive it, please let us know.

  7. Are there any other forms I need to complete?

    Most required forms are already populated on our registration page and your registration won't be processed until they are completed. For campers who are participating in Surf 'n' Turf Camp, they must also fill out the Club Ed Surf School Waiver. For campers participating in Voyagers, they must fill out the Venture Quest Kayaking waivers . Some AoC groups will need to fill out either or both, depending on the chosen activities. If you're unsure about what forms your camper needs, contact us.

  8. What are your Summer Camp cancellation/refund policies?

    Please see our policies by clicking here. 

  9. I am an adult leader and would like to stay on-site while my youth are attending camp programs. Is this possible?

    Yes. You may stay on-site in one of our lodge rooms while your youth are participating in camp programs for a price of $100. To prevent disruptions to our programming and your campers' experience, we ask that you leave all leadership responsibilities to our staff whether that's leading Bible study or enforcing camp procedures or organizing an all-camp game, but you're welcome to attend as a cheerleader and participant! We require all adults on-site to complete a background check. Please contact us for more information or to register.

Sample Camp Schedule 

  7:00   Wake-up

  7:45   Cabin Clean-up

  8:00   Breakfast

  9:00   Alpha (Morning Worship)

  9:30   Bible Study

10:30   Earth Building (2019 Theme Fun!)

12:00   Lunch

12:45   JAM Time (Jesus-and-Me)

  1:30   Activity Time**

  5:30   Dinner

  6:45   All-Camp Game

  7:45   Trading Post Open/Activities

  8:30   Campfire

  9:15   Cabin Time/Omega (Evening Devotion)

10:00   Lights Out

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