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See the Progress!

We'll keep you updated here on the projects as we go along.

In 2017 our office flooded, resulting in the need to remove our floors, most of our (lower) wooden cabinetry, and our walls below 4 feet. It created a less-than-ideal working space for us and an unfortunate first impression for our guests. Thanks to you, we're up-and-running again!

- Completed January, 2019

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Next Up: Lower Jensen Bathrooms

The bathrooms in Lower Jensen are old and would need to be redone anyway. However, in doing so, we're going to make them both private and accessible, so you no longer need to worry about which bathroom you use or about others who might need it at the same time. We're hoping to start this project in July of 2019 but need your help to make that a reality! As of April, we still need at least another $25,000 to get started. Thanks for your help!

Office Renovation

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