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Employment Opportunities

Mount Cross Hires Both Year-Round & Summer Staff!


Year Round

Year-Round Ministry Staff


Serving year-round in outdoor ministry is multifaceted to say the least. A small ministry staff makes for positions that have primary responsibilities and secondary roles. It means working in an active and alive setting and then serving behind the scenes when no campers are present. It can mean service onsite and service offsite. To inquire about any positions listed below, please email Adam Erickson:

As of 11/26/19

We are not currently hiring for specific, year-round positions. However, there are several times throughout each year that we do. If you're interested in working here throughout the year, whether part- or full-time, please send us an email and we'll be happy to chat with you about any upcoming positions we might have!


Camp internship


9-month full- or part-time (August - May)

The purpose of the internship program is to provide the opportunity for those who desire to gain experience and knowledge in outdoor ministry to do so. This includes all facets of ministry, including kitchen and cleaning duties, to building and grounds, to administration, development, and programming. The intern fully participates in staff meetings and discussions, and will be given assignments based on those discussions. While time will be spent on menial and/or catch-all tasks, the intern will also work with one of the Executive Directors to develop a project in an area of interest to them, be it administration, development, or programming. He/she will then work with the Executive Director to complete that project within the period of the internship.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age and not enrolled in high school

  • Must have a desire to learn about, and gain experience in, outdoor ministry and be able to communicate how it fits into personal and/or professional goals

Housing, some meals, and a small living stipend will be provided.


Whether we offer an internship in any given year is based on a combination of camp need and availability of appropriate candidates. For more information about the program, whether we're accepting applications, and additional requirements, contact Executive Director Adam Erickson:

Summer Staff

Mt. Cross Summer Staff

First Day
Taste of Camp
Giant Swing 1
Elbow Tag
Low Ropes
Archery 2
Family Littles
Games 1
Share Session
Thomas bomb
Giant Swing 2


Camp Counselor Positions

     All positions allow you to be a part of what makes camp "camp" - leading worship and games, building 

     relationships, sleeping in cabins with youth, etc.! And all positions require you to be open to doing anything that

     the day requires, even if it's not your normal area. But within that, you pick your primary focus.


     Every position requires you to be at least 18 and a high school graduate.

Specialists: Creative Arts - Media/Photography - High Ropes - Naturalist - Lifeguard

     Part of the time you focus on one of the areas listed above; the rest of the time you're helping do all the things that make

     camp run - worship, games, overnights in cabins with youth, etc. For those who truly enjoy leading any of these areas

     and/or prefer working with everyone onsite a little bit instead of digging deep with just a few. 

     Pick your area in the application.

                    Filled for 2020: creative arts, media, and naturalist

General Support

    The ultimate jack-of-all-trades! You're open to whatever, whenever: maintenance, kitchen, setting up for an event,

     helping to lead games and worship, leading a village when someone needs extra hands, etc. 

Day Camp

     Similar to a village leader (see below) but you focus on day camp. You love the younger kids, enjoy seeing a new place

     every week, and sleeping in home stays instead of in cabins with youth. Some weeks may still be onsite functioning in

     whatever role is needed, but typically you're offsite at a church with a team.

Village Leader

     The most "stereotypical" camp counselor - you stick like glue to a group of 8-10 youth every week and lead them through

     their experience. You focus on Bible studies, group building, and really developing close relationships with each kid in

     your village. You get to know a few youth really well instead of everyone a little bit. Some weeks will be onsite and others

     will be offsite at day camp; each week it's a different age and type of camp.


      If you have just graduated high school, you will work almost exclusively with youth 6th grade and younger; one year post        high school opens up the entire age range (1st-12th grade).

Leadership Positions

Program Associate - filled for 2020!

      Must be at least 21 and have previous camp experience; oversees the staff and works behind the scenes to make sure

      everything runs smoothly.

Leadership Team

     For those who would like additional responsibility to lead various portions of the summer program (e.g., Day Camp,

     Evening Activities, Worship Team, Staff-in-Training, etc.). Being on the the leadership team means carrying

     out one of the camp counselor roles above as well as adding on a leadership piece. All positions require at least one year

     post high school and coming early for extra training; we hire with a preference for those with camp experience.

     Some positions require you to be 21 with a good driving record.

2020 Recruiting Dates & Locations:

Feb.​ 5     Carthage College

Feb. 6     UW - Madison 

                California Lutheran University

Feb. 7     Valparaiso University

                California Lutheran University

Feb. 10   Augsburg University

Feb. 11   Winona State University

Feb. 12    Waldorf University

                 UC - Davis (The Belfry)

Feb. 13    Luther College

Feb. 14    St. Olaf College

Want to recruit for us at your school? 

Contact us to get started!

Not available the whole summer or just don't want the responsibility of being on staff?

Click here to volunteer!

Basic Information for All Positions


  1. Understand yourself as a Christian; be willing to talk about it and live it out. Within this, have a willingness to be open and affirming about working within a Lutheran organization and to lead within that tradition (training will be provided).

  2. Must be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate. Some positions require at least one year post-high school and/or to be at least 21.​

  3. Complete a background check, provide 3 personal references, and agree to abide by all Mt. Cross summer staff policies.

  4. Some positions require a copy of your (good) driving record.

  5. Current CPR & First Aid training by either American Red Cross or American Heart Association (can be provided). 


The summer begins with 2 weeks of staff training, and closes with a couple days of clean-up, worship, and sending.

  • May 25th: Leadership Staff & Ropes Specialists Report

  • May 30th: All Staff Report

  • June 14th: Summer Program Begins

  • August 1st: End of Summer/Staff Send-Off


Pay starts at $300/week, with increases for guitar playing, experience, and leadership positions. Housing is provided (all staff must live on-site during the summer), as are meals during the week.



All staff receive at least 1 hour off each day, as well as 24 consecutive hours off each week (almost always Friday evening - Sunday morning).

As our summer is a very short period of time, all staff are expected to work the full summer, including "report dates", training, and clean-up. There are a few exceptions to this, but it must be approved during the application process.



We have 14 different types of camp programs over 7 weeks for all ages. For more info on these programs, see our summer program page.


For more information please contact Executive Director Rev. Sarah Erickson: 


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