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Oak Lodge

There are two sets of renovations planned for Oak Lodge.


Under the "repair and renovate" category, we'll be redoing our bathrooms.

Currently, our bathrooms are split in two: male and female, and each has semi-private accommodations.

The proposed plan creates three, completely private bathrooms each with a shower, toilet, and sink.

With the additional renovations slated for this building, it will be three bathrooms for up to ten guests.


Under the "expand service" category, we'll enlarge and improve the Fireside/Sonoma Room.

To do this, we'll remove the walls between the existing Sonoma room and bedrooms 1 and 2, to create one, large room.

In addition, we'll install a screen and projector and make it a comfortable meeting space for mid-sized groups.

This increases our capacity to host multiple groups onsite at once. 

Existing Oak Lodge

Proposed Oak Lodge

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