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How good of an archer are you??

One of the activities that all campers do is learn archery.

And for us this spring, it symbolizes the desire and ability to learn something new.

One of the primary ways that campers grow is in self-confidence. They're able to try new things in a space that is both physically and emotionally safe. They're allowed to fail and try again, and regardless, be loved.

But that sort of growth isn't just for campers. It's for staff, too!

So for this pre-summer activity, answer this question: what are some things (at least 2) that are new to you that you're willing to commit to trying this summer? Of course, it has to be feasible. We don't have sky diving available, so while that might be on your list, it won't happen here. All of your answers need to be something that we can actually do here.

Email Sarah with your responses for one point.

Earn an extra point for each of the following:

- being one of the first four people to email in

- posting what you're committed to trying to the Facebook group

Need help thinking of ideas? Here's a list!

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