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About the Campaign

We have two goals for our campaign; repair and renovate, and expand service.

One honors the facilities that have served us so well for 70 years.

The other sets the tone for the future.

Our first priority is to offer hospitable space for all who visit Mt. Cross.

The welcome will start at our "front door" by replacing our bridge - the only entrance to our property - so that it's able to withstand seasonal flooding and give safe passage to all our friends for years to come. Next, we'll revitalize and reconfigure our restroom facilities and sewer lines, creating private and accessible showers and bathrooms throughout our facilities. Finally, we'll complete some deferred maintenance and renovate our offices to be a more welcoming and efficient gathering space for staff, visitors, and camp partners.

The facilities at Mt. Cross can accommodate summer programming without a hitch.

However, we host retreats, conferences, schools, and community groups for 9 months out of the year.

By removing just two rooms (five beds), we can expand our existing Sonoma room and have another private, comfortable meeting space for mid-sized groups. Not only does this provide an attractive, alternative option for groups, but it increases our capacity to host multiple groups at once, providing the start of a sustainable model of ministry into the next 70 years.

*Plans for Redwood and Evergreen

bathrooms will be coming!*

Repair & Renovate


Expand Service


See the Plans

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