Low Ropes

A few samples of Low Elements ... Low Ropes ...


Once a team has built up its skills for supporting and safely workng together, they might be taken to the Tire. The tire can be set up with varying degrees of diffculty depending on the level of skills the team is showing. More than likely the set up will include lifting and passing of participants, supporting each other and careful placing of each other back onto the ground. How this happens depends on the groups' decisions.

Infinite Circle

A group, or team, may be led to a pile of wooden blocks, asked to pick up one block per person, stand in a circle, set the blocks on the ground and step up onto the blocks. The teams challenge is to move competely around the circle of blocks without anyone touching the gorund are any time. As with most elements, if anyone does touch the entire team begins back on their original block. After all, this is challenge course.

All Aboard/Landing

Depending on the groups' skills, goals and outcomes, their trained facilitator might have them stand behind a line, hand them a rope swing and place them into a story that requires them to use the rope to get the entire team onto a small platform 10 feet away. It does not have to require upper body strength if the group really digs deep into the teaming skills they have been developing.

This is only a small sample of permanent and portable low initiatives groups can be challenged in to develop good teaming skills. To be most effective, Challenge Course requires a group of 8-12 participants working with a trained Mt. Cross faciltator.

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Typical Challenge Course Sequence

Start Here

Ground games/Warm-Up
An important mental part of forming a competent group and for warming up muscles and joints for the days movements.

Full Value Contract
Behavioral agreement amonst the participants.
• Caring Restraint
• Choosing Your Challenge
• Commitment to 100%

Trust Seqence
Teaming skills essential as a foundation for everything else to come and a trust building necessary for participants to know each other's commitment to the team.

Low Ropes/Initiatives
By the end of their time on low ropes initiatives, the group should have been together at least 3 hours. Depending on the group goals & outcomes, much more time should and can be spent on Low elements; from all day to multiple day programs. It is on the low ropes course that the longest lasting teaming skills are constructed.

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